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Welcome to the Home Page of Alpha Aviation. My name is Shizuka Saito , and I am the Representative Director. Alpha Aviation is a CAB licensed aviation company, established in 1985 after I qualified as a pilot in America, fulfilling my childhood dream to experience the freedom of flying in the sky. I remember as if it were only yesterday the thrill of my first solo flight, and the magic of the city lights on my first night flight. It is thanks to our clients and to all those who have supported our endeavors during the past 15 years that we have built up the reputation we enjoy today. I hope that every visitor to this home page will be inspired by that excitement, and in reading about our various activities will appreciate what we at Alpha Aviation have to offer.

September 1999

Pilot Training

Pilot Training

Alpha Aviation is the largest school for the training of professional helicopter pilots in Japan. Our former students are now employed by the majority of Japan's helicopter operating companies, as pilots specializing in media, rescue, VIP transport, and so on.

Charter Flight

Charter Flights
(VIP Transport, Aerial Filming, Etc.)

Alpha Aviation can also arrange aerial filming and, for overseas visitors, observation tours from the air, on-board meals, golf, and so on. The photograph shows a hotel located a 20 minute helicopter ride from Tokyo, where visitors can enjoy a light meal, or stay overnight. (Reservations are necessary for French and Italian menus.) Should you have alternative requirements, please let us know and we will endeavor to accommodate them.

World Helicopter Championship

Representing Japan in the
World Helicopter Championship

In 1999, the Alpha Aviation crew made its debut in the World Helicopter Championship. For the past decade the competition had been dominated by Russia, but this time Alpha Aviation took a gold medal for Japan. This occasion was also a first victory for the Robinson R-22, justifying our faith in the brand which we have been selling to so many customers for so many years. In addition, our triumph confirmed our success in imparting sound skills to our student pilots, and proved our ability to demonstrate to our customers the perfect flight. We are now planning to take part in the 2001 Championship, to be held in Spain.


Import/Export Sales of
Aircraft and Aircraft Components

Alpha Aviation is the regional sales agent in Japan for both Robinson-the best-selling helicopter in the world-and Schweizer. In order not to draw criticism from overseas, we set our prices at just $10,000 higher than the U.S. factory price. In addition, we always stock trade-in aircraft, so if you are looking for a used aircraft please do contact us. Of course, we also stock a large selection of parts, and welcome all inquiries relating to Robinson helicopters.

Aircraft Maintenance


Aircraft Maintenance
Alpha Aviation is the authorized maintenance dealer for Robinson. As I am sure everyone in the helicopter industry knows, Alpha Aviation was entrusted with servicing Jane's R-44, when she stopped off in Japan in 1997 on her way to setting the world record for a round-the-world flight. Our team of expert mechanics, with their thorough knowledge of Robinson helicopters, are always ready to ensure your safety in the air.

Aviation-related multimedia image production

As we approach the 21st century, Alpha Aviation is developing a new line of business in multimedia image production. The present age has long been dubbed the age of the multimedia, yet no aviation-related materials have so far been produced. To remedy this, we are planning to create the best library in Japan of video film of aerial views from a helicopter for use in broadcasting, and of aerial footage of helicopters flying in Japan. We are also producing study materials for pilots. With the coming of digitalized broadcasting, it is anticipated that multimedia image production will represent a high-growth area in the 21st century.

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